Home Owners / Commercial 

Lucrative service packages available, please contact us for more information. Long term contracts: 6, 12 and 24 months.

Management of your property. Listed tasks, and customized to your needs. Approx. 1000 euros excl. per annum.

- 70% to 100% of monthly rental plus tax. (one-off fee). - Amsterdam

Finding your ideal home for Renters

- 1700 - 2100 - 2600 euros incl tax. (dependent upon rental price).


- Full search, requirements, follow up for the full duration of your stay. etc.

- Short Term rentals - can be discussed.

Finding your ideal property for Purchasers - Amsterdam

 - Standard fees - 1.2% of the advertised purchase price plus tax (21%). Fees negotiable dependent upon certain criteria. Whether your purchase is for an investment or private residence, we assist you to a good result. 

Spanish Property - Alicante office - Costa Blanca coastal.

We have our associate contacts: notary, legal office, your tax figures which apply. Your NIE (tax corresponding number) to be in place when buying property in Spain. Bank loans can be arranged with our partner bank: Sabadell, 03003 Alicante. 

Selling: A package deal: You pay us, only when we SELL your property! Free Appraisal, with advice for improvement. Excellent advertising coverage! 

Buying: A package deal: Financial, Insurance, Search (50 agents, Costa Blanca area). All in done via our office. An approx. calculation of 10-15% on the advertised price (costs for tax, legal, etc.). A re-sell property or new built - we have everything to suit your lifestyle, and dream home. (Tax 21%).  http://extranjeros.wereal.es/