For Owners

Suitable tenants

We advise you on current expectations within the market and will find you a suitable tenant for your property. We efficiently handle advertising, viewings, screening, price negotiation, contract signing, inventory list, check-in/check out. A minimum of 1 year contract only, max 2 years which is the norm.

Property Management / Maintenance office in Spain

We manage your property when you are abroad or at your convenience. We are experienced and pro-active in avoiding complicated situations when it comes to the repairs and upkeep of your property. The best and reliable plumber, cleaner, handyman, painter, all on hand.

Cleaning of your home, (owners and tenants)

A professional cleaner works with my company. Reliable, good and secure. Please ask for more info and book her early, as she is pure magic!

Plumbers, handymen, etc. all highly recommended by me, too.

Alicante, Spain

We are now offering our services for buying /selling/renting property in Spain, Costa Blanca. Re-sell and New development projects. For your portfolio investment, residence or seasonal home. 

From start to finish, with good timing and open planning/discussion of the procedures - from search, viewings and closing at the notary, with after- sales assistance. We are with you, all the way! We have our associate contacts: notary, legal office, your tax figures which apply. Your NIE (tax corresponding number) to be in place when buying property in Spain. Bank loans can be arranged with our partner bank: Sabadell, Alicante.


For Buyers/Tenants


From our reliable and selective database/associates, we can provide you with a clear picture of the current market situations within the Amsterdam areas. We keep our portfolio updated and can always offer you the best available properties from our network. 

Purchasing of property and search for the right home/investment is our priority, too. Standard fees, notary, official paperwork, technical inspection, all arranged by us.


We search for commercial property, such as office space, shops, workspaces for various branches and warehousing or activity space for various venues, small, medium and large. We have the best associates and trusted colleagues in the field, on hand.